Conventional Medicine Under the Microscope

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“Good health or homeostasis is a state of mind and through this medium perfection is achieved.” Dr. Achress Kish 1977- Modern Medicine is the opposite of the practice of good health and the implementation of preventive disease. It has long been established as medical consensus that naturopathic medicine has no scientific base. It is my aspiration to prove to the masses that the common medical perception held by most is a fraud. It is further my mission to unveil the truth of naturopathic medicine and bestow it in a scientific way as never before. Conventional Medicine Under the Microscope is a ground breaking truth that is ahead of its time. The Reader will be astonished at this revelation into simple healing. This book that composes the methodology of Med Ex and its principles is absolutely revolutionary.

Table of Contents

A Brief History of Modern Medicine Who is Hippocrates? Where We Went Wrong The FDA and FTC Medical Education and Continuing Medical Education The Archaic Conventional Approach The Book Doctor’s Approach to Medicine Conventional Pharmacology Destination Infinite “Nosos” What is Med EX The Egyptian Healing Art Who Was Imhotep Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine The Cerebral Affect The Guide to Homeostasis Appendix

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