Jianguo Yu Ph.D.

Position Department / Business Unit
post-doc research scientist Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of Florida Nanomaterials Nanostructures Modeling Physics
City State / Provence
Gainesville Florida
Country Website

Dr. Yu is currently a post-doc research scientist at University of Florida. Dr. Yu have been developing a massively parallel and flexibly empirical variable charge scheme, COMB, to complement electronic structure calculations and experimental measurements and predict how the interface may be affected by changes in the physical conditions and/or by chemical modification of the interface. Dr. Yu have extensive experience in developing and applying the methods of simulation and modeling including molecular dynamics, kinetic Monte Carlo and ab initio simulations. Dr. Yu also have extensive experience in the development of parallel algorithms and potentials for molecular dynamics.

Dr. Yu is interested in the Computational Nanotechnology, Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science. The overall goal of Dr. Yu is to develop high performance computing tools and methodologies to discover the principles that govern the nano-device and nanostructures and work towards “materials by design”.

Important Articles

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J. Yu and J.G. Amar, "Effects of Short-Range Attraction in Metal Epitaxial", Physical Review Letters 89, 286103 (2002).
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