Molecular Electronics, Circuits, and Processing Platforms

 Molecular Electronics, Circuits, and Processing Platforms
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When microelectronic devices replaced vacuum tubes, it marked a revolution in electronics that opened the way to the computer age. We are on the verge of witnessing another equally profound shift. As molecular devices replace semiconductors, we will achieve new levels of performance, functionality and capability that will hugely impact electronics, as well as signal processing and computing. 

Molecular Electronics, Circuits, and Processing Platforms guides you confidently into this emerging field. Helping you to forge into the molecular frontier, this book examines the various concepts, methods and technologies used to approach and solve a wide variety of problems. The author works from new devices to systems and platforms. He also covers device-level physics, system-level design, analysis, and advanced fabrication technologies.

Explore the latest and emerging molecular, biomolecular, and nanoscale processing platforms for building the next generation of circuits, memories and computations. By examining both solved and open issues, this book thoroughly develops the basic theory and shows you how to apply this knowledge toward new developments and practical hardware implementation.

Don't fall behind. Let Molecular Electronics, Circuits, and Processing Platforms take you to the next level of electronics design and applications.

Table of Contents

Molecular Electronics and Microelectronics. Molecular Electronics: Device- and System-Level Consideration. Biomolecular Processing and Fluidic Molecular Electronics. Design of Three-Dimensional Molecular Integrated Circuits. Devising and Synthesis of Molecular Electronic Devices: Towards Molecular Integrated Circuits. Modeling and Analysis of Molecular Electronic Devices.


Author 1 Lyshevski, Sergey Edward, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA
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  • - Covers molecular electronics with applications to circuits, memory, and computing architectures
  • - Presents the most advanced fabrication technologies for molecular devices, fabrics, and circuits
  • - Reviews basic theory of electron transport in nanoscale devices and gates
  • - Provides solutions for long-term problems
  • - Applies theory and nanotechnology in various areas of science and engineering