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Frank Boehm worked for ~17 years as a Senior Mechanical Designer for a multinational automated assembly systems corporation. He was involved with the creation and development of dedicated complex tooling and mechanisms for interfacing with a variety of robotic assembly infrastructures. Frank has been engaged in Nanotechnology and especially with Nanomedicine since ~1996, and has envisaged concepts and developed designs for a wide array of near-term (~3 to 5 years), and longer-term (~10 to 20 years), Nanotechnological and Nanomedical components, devices, and systems. He is currently in collaboration with a number of International Nanomedicine researchers from various Universities and research facilities who are together implementing a widely diverse range of expertise with the aim of transforming his innovative Nanomedical concepts into tangible and beneficial real-world medical platforms. To date, Frank has written over 500 pages as relates to his Nanotechnology and Nanomedical research and concepts, and has recently signed with CRC Press to generate a text that will explore in depth Nanomedical component, device, and systems design issues.

Important Articles

An Investigation of Nucleic Acid/DNA-Base Manufacturing

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