CytoViva, Inc

CytoViva, Inc
Type Disciplines
Corporation Nanomedicine Composites Nanobiology Nanomaterials
Address Postal Code
Suite 5 PMB-157 36830
City State / Province
Auburn AL
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link 334-737-3122

Optical imaging tool enables sub 100 nm discovery and in dual mode fluorescence to image labeled features (Q-dots, Fluoro-particles, dyes, etc) within unlabeled cells, tissue, or biopolymers. Target applications include biotech, bio-nanotech

NanoTechnology [Nano-composites, Polymer additives, Nano-materials/particles] BioTechnology [Drug delivery, Nano toxicology, Tissue Engineering] Infectious Diseases [Bacteria, Viruses, Labeled pathogens]

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