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Daldrup-Link, Heike by daldrup — last modified June 30, 2012 - 14:44
Dr. Daldrup-Link develops translational “cellular imaging” techniques for cancer and stem cell imaging applications. Examples of current projects: (i) evaluations of clinically applicable nanoparticles for the diagnosis of tumor-associated inflammatory immune responses, (ii) development of immune cell tracking techniques for monitoring cancer immunotherapies, (iii) in vivo stem cell tracking, (iv) imaging (stem cell) transplant rejection (v) evaluation of "smart", activatable nanoparticles for diagnosing stem cell engraftment outcomes. Dr. Daldrup-Link’s research lab has a strong focus on translational applications. Her lab currently conducts clinical trials on staging malignant lymphomas and sarcomas with iron oxide nanoparticles, based on an IND for “off label” use of the iron supplement ferumoxytol as a cell-specific contrast agent for MR imaging. Dr. Daldrup-Link’s research efforts ultimately aim to combine clinically applicable nanoparticles with whole body imaging techniques in order to create comprehensive, "one-stop" anatomical and functional assessments of specific cell populations in vivo, in patients.