Igor Linkov, Research Managing Scientist, US Army Engineer Researc and Development Center; Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University

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Government Lab Nanoparticles Nanomedicine Modeling General
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Brookline MA
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link 6172250812

Dr. Linkov’s research in the area of emergent materials, including nanomaterials, has been supported by the DOD, DOE, EPA and private clients. Dr. Linkov was part of the EPA Nanotechnology review panel.

Dr. Linkov's skills include human health and ecological risk assessment, decision analysis, environmental security, risk assessment for emerging threats, radiation health and safety, guidance development, risk communication, policy analysis, and biostatistics. Dr. Linkov has managed ecological and human health risk assessments at several Superfund sites. He has developed guidance documents, models and software to support risk assessment, and his recently completed modeling efforts include several modules for the Army Risk Assessment Modeling System (ARAMS) and Risk-trace model for spatially explicit ecological risk assessment for the American Chemistry Council (ACC). He was instrumental in developing FISHRAND and TrophicTrace models for PCB bioaccumulation in fish, used by the EPA for Hudson River Superfund site risk assessment. One of the focuses of his current research is integrating risk assessment and multi-criteria decision analysis tools in military and environmental management. He is currently developing decision support tools to prioritize resource allocation and technology gaps in several military programs as well as in other areas (such as algal bloom management and nanotechnology). He is currently developing the Questions and Decision (QnD) model for environmental management at contaminated and disturbed sites for the US Army Corps of Engineers. He has published widely on environmental policy, environmental modeling, and risk analysis, including eight books and over 80 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. Dr. Linkov has organized more than dozen national and international conferences and continuing education workshops on nanotechnology, risk assessment, decision analysis, risk communication and modeling and participated in organizing many others. . Dr. Linkov serves as a Scientific Advisor to the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, a position that requires nomination by the Governor of Massachusetts. Dr. Linkov is the Founding Chair of the SRA Decision Analysis and Risk Specialty Group. Dr. Linkov is Past President for the Society for Risk Analysis-New England. He is also Past Chair of the SRA Ecological Risk Assessment Specialty Group and participates in several SRA and Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) Committees. Dr. Linkov is the recipient of the prestigious 2005 SRA Chauncey Starr Award for exceptional contribution to Risk Analysis. Dr. Linkov has served on many review and advisory panels for U.S. and international agencies, including US EPA.

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