Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI)

Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI)
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NQPI Missions - Promote research excellence in nanoscale science and engineering - Foster cross disciplinary research and education in nanoscience - Realize international collaborations, conferences, and workshops

The Ohio University Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute (NQPI) works to promote research excellence in nanoscale science. The interdisciplinary organization has currently 26 members from two colleges and seven departments at Ohio University. NQPI members have developed on-going and steadily growing cross-campus collaborations that have led to research in both hard and soft nanoscience areas. Several of these research efforts in nanoscience are already highly successful, as measured by strong external support and international recognition.

Research Excellence
Since 1986, Ohio University has invested significant funding in the hiring of a highly select group of researchers. The early pre-nano focus, still continuing at Ohio University, was to develop a strong program in surface science and condensed matter. This led in 2001, to the establishment of NQPI. With time, the specific areas of NQPI research have formed into two major thrusts – “soft” and “hard” nanoscience. NQPI has both experimental and theoretical efforts in these areas.

NQPI’s research in ‘hard nano’ most closely follows from the strong background in surface science and condensed matter areas, and has developed into the following three focus areas:
• Nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanomagnetism and nanospinstronics
• Nanoscale properties, manipulation, and assembly
• Quantum structures, nanocrystals, and nanosensors

In 2004, a new effort was established, the Biomimetic Nanoscience and Nanoscale Technology Initiative. BNNT aims to investigate nanoscale materials, their functionality, and their design, targeting applications in the medical/diagnostics field. BNNT’s research includes the following three overlapping areas: Nanomaterials, nanosensors, and nanomedicine.

Development of advanced infrastructure and facilities is a key element which allows NQPI members to excel in their research; NQPI therefore allocates substantial funding to assist researchers in purchasing or maintaining state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Publication of research results is central to the work of NQPI’s members, and this includes papers in top basic-science journals as well as the highest-level applied-science journals.

Grants and Awards
NQPI’s world-class researchers receive substantial funding from external sources, often through prestigious grants and awards, which have recently included:
• National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER
• NSF U.S. Presidential PECASE
• NSF Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team (NIRT)
• NSF Partnership for International Research and Education (PIRE)
• Department of Energy (DOE)
• Office of Naval Research (ONR)
• National Institute of Health (NIH)

Education and Cross-Disciplinary Activities

NQPI is inherently working in areas which cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. Faculty from 7 different departments join efforts to educate and advance science at the nanometer scale. Ohio University students thereby benefit from their diverse expertise and methods of inquiry. Through the NanoMENTOR program, students develop their research projects under a co-advisor from a department outside of their own and by working on problems that integrate more than one field. Generally, faculty and students come together and share ideas informally through lectures and seminars.

Additional educational efforts include:
• Hosting international scientific visitors
• Supporting nanoscience colloquia and seminars
• Outreach activities to Southeastern Ohio schools
• Lectures and materials introducing Nanoscience to the general public

International Activities
One of the main missions of NQPI is to forge international collaborations in the area of nanoscience. Diverse pathways for creating and sharing knowledge and information are developed through joint research collaborations and international conferences and workshops, among other activities.

At the same time, renowned scientists from abroad spend up to one year periods at Ohio University to work with students and faculty members of NQPI. These visits bring talent and expertise to Ohio University which benefits students and researchers in many areas.

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