Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing

Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Fabrication Nanomanufacturing Nanomaterials Nanostructures
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University of Massachusetts
710 North Pleasant Street
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Amherst MA
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United States
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The Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is an NSF-supported Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center specializing in innovative manufacturing processes and technologies for materials, devices and systems at the nanoscale.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has established the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CHM) through a five-year $16 million grant from the National Science Foundation, with the mission to move nanotechnology from laboratory innovation to manufacturable components and devices. The CHM's research focus is Nanoscale Manufacturing: tools and processes for fabricating engineered nanoscale materials and particles, and assembling and integrating them into larger-scale structures, devices and systems. Research work by 24 researchers from UMass Amherst and partner institutions will concentrate on nanoelectronics, bionanotechnology and new materials and processes.

CHM supports basic research in nanoscale science and engineering within interdisciplinary technical research groups and translational research that develops these advances into commercializable products and processes through focused testbeds. Hierarchical Manufacturing refers to the sequential process of fabricating functional nanostructures of known size, morphology and composition, then integrating the nanostructures into functional device elements, and finally integrating the elements into systems and products.

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