Yu Sun Ph.D., PEng

Position Department / Business Unit
Assistant Professor Dept. Mechanical Engineering; Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of Toronto Electronics Engineering MEMS/NEMS Fabrication Nanobiotechnology Nanomaterials Nanometrology Nanotubes Sensors Tools
City State / Provence
Toronto ON
Country Website
Canada link

NEMS construction; nanorobotic manipulation; nano testing

(1) Nanorobotic manipulation and NEMS construction (2) Design and fabrication of nanomanpulation tools (3) Manipulation of nanometer-sized objects (4) Assembly of heterogeneous nano structures (nanoassembly) (5) Electromechanical characterization of nanomaterials


Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Career Highlights

Research Scientist, ETH-Zurich, 2003-2004 Assistant Professor, U. of Toronto, 2004-present


Ontario Early Researcher Award; IEEE CASE Best Conference Paper Award; U. of Minnesota Dissertation Fellowship

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