Suresh Raja Neethirajan EIT

Neethirajan, Suresh Raja
Position Department / Business Unit
Biosystems Engineering
Institution Disciplines
University of Manitoba Electronics Nanobiology Modeling
City State / Provence
Winnipeg Manitoba
Country Website
Canada link
(204) 474 7512
Suresh Neethirajan's research interests include sensors development using MEMS and nanotechnology, nano engineering in food, biological and agricultural systems, nanosensors, 3D modelling, Biomineralization, computational fluid dynamics, image processing

Important Articles

Neethirajan, S., and D.S. Jayas. 2006. Nanotechnology – An emerging technology for the agriculture and food industry. Innovation for Growth - Trends and Successes Redefining Agriculture. Agricultural Institute of Canada Conference, Winnipeg, MB. Neethirajan, S., D.J. Thomson, D.S. Jayas and N.D.G. White. 2006. Imaging morphological details and starch granule surface differences of durum wheat using atomic force microscopy. Paper No. CSBE06190. The Canadian Society for Bioengineering, Edmonton, AB. 11 p. Neethirajan, S., D.S. Jayas, N.D.G. White and H. Zhang. 2007. Investigation of 3D Geometry of Cereal Grain Porous Media Using X-ray Computed Tomography Images. 62nd Meeting of the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America, Winnipeg, MB. Neethirajan, S., C. Karunakaran, D.S. Jayas and N.D.G. White. (2006) X-ray computed tomography image analysis to explain the airflow resistance differences in grain bulks. Biosystems Engineering 94(4): 545-555.

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