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= Nano Newsletter

Greetings Nanoscience Colleague, =

Dec= ember 2007

Happy Holidays from NanoScienceWork= s=2Eorg. Welcome to our December newsletter. We provide the professional = nanoscience community the latest updates for 20 different nano disciplines,= and can help you share information about you and your projects.




NIST ‘= ;Nanomechanical Mapper’ Offers New Design, Characterization Tool

3D"MOUThe National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIS= T) has unveiled an imaging system to map the mechanical properties of nanomaterials – at billionths o= f a meter. NIST’s new tool could provide research= ers a cost-effective way to characterize (and even design) mixed nanoscale composites or thin-film structures.= Read.


DECEMBER FEATURED ARTICLE (Cover art &nd= ash; wrap)

3D"TJENA1.JPG"Electric Potential Distribution in Nanoscale Electroosmosis<= /span>

An international team of nanoscale researchers have published a paper to illustrate differences in using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) and= the Poisson–Boltzmann equation when looking at el= ectric potential distribution in nanoscale electroosmosis.=   Read an Extract...


Extract Courtesy of: Taylor & Francis Journal 'Molecular Simulati= on'

Researchers from: University of California, Davis, CA; The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore,= MD, USA; and Peking University, PRC

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Los Alamos,= European Researchers Near Life-Like ‘Protocells’


3D"=Scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory and across Euro= pe are close to developing a nanoscale system of molec= ules that will exhibit living cell-like behavior. These microscopic ‘Protocells” could be the f= irst step in making life-like devices for specific functions.&nb= sp; Steen Rasmussen (right) and Hans Ziock are p= art of a team of some 23 researchers in the Los Alamos Protocell Assembly project.=

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December SlideCast:  = Single Atom Manipulation and Chemistry of Mechanosynthesis

3D"BUSNAI1.JPG"Dr. Damian Allis, of Syracuse University (New York) and Nanorex Inc. discusses progress with single-atom manipulation, one of the most revolutionary and controversial prediction of early nanotechnology research.  <= /span>Tune into to see how labs are now showing atomic manipul= ation within covalent frameworks, and setting the stage f= or organic molecular frameworks capable of single-atom control and transfer. View SlideCast. SlideCasts are compelling audio/video, fun-to-watch presentations narrated by the researchers themselve= s=2EPropose Your Own SlideCast!<= /span>

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3D"aOCTReplacement-Article-5.jpg"Lloyd’s Emerging Risk Team Report:

Nanotechn= ology: Recent Developments, Risks and Opportunities.Prepared by Lloyd’s Of London (UK)  Emerging Risk Team   

World-famous insurer Lloyd’s of London has released an &ls= quo;Emerging Risk Team Report on Nanotechnology.”  The 36-page report provides Lloyd’s vi= ews on how insurers should work with researchers, private firms, and even regulators to help foster nanotechnology’s benefits while mitigating it= s risks.  

Review Lloyd’s Nanotechnology Risk Report or read the Executive Summary.


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FEATURED INSTITUTION =   National Institute of Health’s  3D"WWCNA1.JPG"

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering = (NIBIB)

NBIB has joined with India’s Ministry of Science and Technology to use nanosensors as one me= thod to develop low-cost health-care technologies aimed = at the medically under-served.  Learn More.

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NIST ‘Nanomechanical Mapper’

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Life= -Like ‘Protocells’

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