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Booklet – A booklet is a 10-100 page “chapter” on any nano subject you wish, and is published solely on free of charge to our registered members.  All submissions should be written at the senior undergraduate, graduate or professional level, and should contain the fundamentals through applications of your expanded article.
Complimentary products of your choice from our CRC Press website for up to $500 will be offered upon submission and acceptance of your manuscript.

Once we receive your manuscript it will be reviewed by our editorial board and processed into our production department to receive a full copy-edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.  The manuscript will then be typeset and formatted in a PDF format.  These pages will be sent back to you for your approval, and will then be posted  to NanoScienceWorks.  This process should take approximately six to eight weeks.  We look forward to your submission!

News item – We strive to provide the most up-to-date nano news and research on our site.  If you or a colleage would have a newsworthy item to add to our site, whether it be an event promotion, an award, or the latest research news from your institution, we invite all submissions regarding nano. 

Institution – If your nano institute or organization isn’t already represented among our 400+ institution pages, we welcome the addition of your nano group. aims to promote all nano organizations both public and private, collegiate and corporate.  Thank you for your submission!

Person – currently houses more than 1,000 biographies of leading nano researchers and professionals.  We ask for as many required fields as you can provide, and a jpeg photo to accompany your biograpy. 

Please add your bio to this list of esteemed nano enthusiasts. thanks you for your submission.

Slidecast – SlideCasting is a new multimedia feature we’re offering on free to our registered members.  SlideCasting is an online presentation created from PowerPoint, and the author’s narration is recorded per slide so our viewers can listen to as much or as little as they want while still enjoying this virtual learning experience. 

Those wishing to submit a presentation about their research or interests simply need to create a PowerPoint presentation and record their narration for each slide.  We do the rest!  SlideCasting is the ultimate way to create a captivating presentation that reaches an expanding, broad audience in the area of nano.  We look forward to your submission!