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Most Popular Nanotechnology Articles for Download from Taylor and Francis / CRC Press

by Editor1 last modified February 22, 2011 - 15:33

Our focus for February is the current topic of nanotechnology – after all, it’s the shortest month! To help bring our fantastic content to you, we’re making the five most downloaded articles of the following nanotechnology journals free to access for a limited time only, from the first of the month:

International Journal of Smart and Nanomaterials

  1. The Evolution of Graphene-Based Electronic Devices by Joydeep Basu, Jayanta Kumar Basu and Tarun Kanti Bhattacharyya
  2. System Control-Mediated Drug Delivery Towards Complex Systems via Nanodiamond Carriers by Dean Ho and Chih-Ming Ho
  3. Electroactive shape-memory polymer nanocomposites incorporating carbon nanofiber paper by Haibao Lu, Yanju Liu, Jihua Gou, Jinsong Leng and Shanyi Du
  4. Biocomposites: Their multifunctionality by Kin-tak Lau, Mei-po Ho, Chi-ting Au-Yeung and Hoi-yan Cheung
  5. Microbial calcite, a bio-based smart nanomaterial in concrete remediation by S. S. Bang, J. J. Lippert, U. Yerra, S. Mulukutla and V. Ramakrishnan members can also download articles from these popular nanotechnology journals from Taylor and Francis // CRC Press