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Visit New Textbook Community for Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

by Editor1 last modified August 24, 2009 - 12:00

Members of are invited to visit the innovative online Textbook Community for Taylor & Francis’ newest nanotechnology textbook Fundamentals of Nanotechnology. The book’s “textbook community’ was launched in mid-August and offers professors and students an array of valuable add-on resources for this wide-ranging textbook that explores technologies, processes and commercialization techniques for many nanotechnology sectors.

Visit New Textbook Community for Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology offers an online Textbook Community for students and professors at

Visit the Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Textbook Community website.

The Fundamentals of Nanotechnology Textbook community offers:
• Full contents preview
• Author biographies
• Supplementary materials, including chapter-by-chapter lecture notes for qualifying instructors
• Communications with the publisher

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology surveys nanorheology, nanofluidics, and nanomechanics as well as industrial concerns such as manufacturing, reliability, and safety. Specifically, the authors explore the vast range of nanomaterials and systematically outline devices and applications in various industrial sectors. This color text is an ideal companion to Introduction to Nanoscience by the same group of esteemed authors.

The Fundamentals of Nanotechnology textbook also includes:

• A complete and integrated introduction to the engineering and application aspects of nanotechnology
• An examination of the business and societal aspects of nanotechnology
• All illustration in full vibrant color
• Follows a consistent format of basic and advances topics, examples, illustrations, exercises, and a summary