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World BioPharm Forum 2007: New Frontiers in Nanomedicine in London, Oct. 15-16

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Some of the world’s top experts in nanomedicine will gather at London’s Hammersmith Hospital Conference Centre during The New Frontiers in Nanomedicine meeting in mid-October. The event, part of the World BioPharm Forum 2007, will bring together academics, technologists, medical specialists and a variety of public policymakers. offers a look at agenda and speakers.

World BioPharm Forum 2007: New Frontiers in Nanomedicine  in London, Oct. 15-16

London's Hammersmith Hospital Conference Centre will host the World BioPharm Forum 2007: New Frontiers in Nanomedicine conference in mid-October.

The accelerating and continual progress in technology and developments in nanomedicine could dominate medical applications for years to come.  This international conference will bring together leading academics, consultants, industrialists, technologists, regulatory experts and policy makers in the field. The meeting will encourage a strong inter-disciplinary exchange in leading edge aspects of nanomedicine research and the progression into clinical practice.

Participation is limited and hence academics, industry experts, clinicians and others are requested to apply to attend and submit papers or posters.

Topics to be covered during the 2-day event Nanomedicine include:
  • Structural Chemistry and Biochemistry in Nanomedicine
  • Drug Formulation, Delivery and Targeting
  • Nanomedicines and the Complement System
  • Cancer Nanomedicines, and
  • Nanotechnology in Healthcare
A detailed agenda and speaker list follows.  Click here for more information on the event or to register.

AGENDA: New Frontiers in Nanomedicine

DAY 1 15th OCTOBER 2007
09:00 Registration

09:50 Welcome and Introduction
Dr. G. Subramanian

10:00 Keynote lecture: Nanomedicine: hype or gold mine.
Prof. K. Kostarelos (School of Pharmacy, London)

Session I. Structural Chemistry and Biochemistry in Nanomedicine
10:30-13:00 Chair: Dr. S. M. Moghimi (Brighton University)

10:30 Polymers in nanomedicine: Chemistry meets biology
Dr. A. C. Hunter (Brighton University)

11:00 Advances in polymer engineering for nanomedicine
Prof. D. M. Haddleton (Warwick University)

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 De novo self-assembling peptide materials
Dr. M. G. Rayadnov (Bristol University)

12:30 Photoactive liposomes in tissue engineering
Prof. Y. Perrie (Aston University)

13:00 Lunch

Session II. Drug Delivery and Targeting
14:15-15:45 Chair:Prof. Y. Perrie (Aston University)

14:15 Nanomedicine in Delivery of Macromolecules
Prof. T. Rabbitts (University of Leeds)

14:45 Nanoparticle approaches for targeted delivery.
Prof. N. Slater (University of Cambridge)

15:15 Quantum Dot-liposomes hybride for combinatory cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Dr. K. Al-Jamal (School of Pharmacy, London)

15:45 Coffee break

Session III. Nanomedicines and the Complement System
16:15-17:45 Chair: Prof. J. Szebeni (Semmelweis University, Hungary)

16:15 Keynote lecture: Complement system and nanomaterials
Prof. R. B. Sim (University of Oxford)

16:45 Complement activation by polymers and polymeric constructs
Dr. S. M. Moghimi (University of Brighton)

17:15 Mechanisms and approaches for the prevention of adverse immune reactions to nanomedicines
Prof. J. Szebeni (Semmelweis University, Hungary)

17:45 Close of Day 1.

18:00-19:00 Wine reception

DAY 2 16th OCTOBER 2007

Session IV. Cancer Nanomedicines
10:00-11:00 Chair: Prof. J. Dobson

10:00 Antibody-nanoparticle conjugates for targeted theragnosis in cancer.
Dr. D. Marsh (University college London)

10:30 Systemic anticancer gene therapy with synthetic vector systems.
Prof. A. Schatzlein (School of Pharmacy, London)

11:00 Coffee break

Session V. Nanotechnology in Healthcare
11:30-13:30 Chair:Prof. A. .Schatzlein (School of Pharmacy, London)

11:30 Nanotechnology: applications in healthcare
Dr. L. Fass (GEHeathcare)

12:00 Nanostructural bioactive scaffolds as bonegraft replacements.
Dr. J. R. Jones (Imperial College, London)

12:30 Regenerative medicine approaches to treating lung cancer.
Dr. S. Janes (University College, London)

13:00 Getting drugs across biological barriers: a role for polymers.
Prof. I. F. Uchegbu (School of Pharmacy, London)

13:30 Lunch

Session VI. Nanoscale Analysis and Imaging
14:45-17:45 Chair: Prof. Q. Pankhurst (Centre for Nanotechnology, London)

14:45 Keynote lecture: Applications of magnetic nanoparticles in biology and medicine.
Prof. J. Dobson (Keele University)

15:15 Nanoscale optics and spectroscopy for cell imaging.
Dr. I. Notingher (University of Nottingham)

15:45 Nanoscale analysis of pharmaceuticals.
Prof. C. Roberts (University of Nottingham)

16:15 Coffee break

16:45 Intraoperative sensing of magnetic biomarkers.
Prof. Q. Pankhurst (Centre for Nanotechnology, London)

17:15 Nanoscale biomarkers for magnetic resonance imaging and targeting of stem cells.
Dr. M. Lythgoe (University College, London)

17:45 End of Session

17:50 Concluing remarks and close of conference.
Dr. G. Subramanian

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