Dr. Achress Kish

Location: Denver
Dr. Achress Kish, who goes by the name Nate, or Nathaniel, was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 30, 1977. Nathaniel graduated high school at Loomis Chaffy Boarding School in Windsor, CT, and describes his high school years as challenging. After attending our Lady of Lords Catholic School and then spending 1 ½ years in the public education system in Georgia, it was not until 9th grade that it became apparent that the young Dr. Kish excelled in the sciences. Several teachers describe Dr. Kish as intelligent but problematic because of his behavior patterns (“Playing with science kits during test etc.”). It was the next year when Nathaniel enrolled himself into Loomis Chaffy that his scientific nature arose. Nathaniel was then promoted to the 12 grade after taking several achievement tests and graduated at the age of 15. Dr. Kish attended several universities where computer science and biochemistry was his focus, Including Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Denver; Colombia University and the University of Cambridge of Cambridge, England. Dr. Achress Nathana-EL Kish, XM Dr. Kish attributes much of his recent success to his mother Martha who taught him to be an independent thinker and to stay focused and his significant other, Melisa that remains and has been very supportive. Since then, Dr. Kish has held several security classifications in the private market of bioscience. This knowledge of classified technologies has led to his recent discoveries of The Kish Method, The Aguada Effect and other next generation medical technologies such as Med X. Dr. Kish is now Founder and CEO of The Med X Group, where he implements sophisticated technologies in the field of alternative medicine. Affiliations: 32nd degree Free & Accepted MASON, The JASON Group, The Geometry Society of Pythagoras

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