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Second Edition , Dr. Marc Madou

Conversion Tables

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Lithography
Chapter 2 Pattern Transfer with Dry Etching Techniques
Chapter 3 Pattern Transfer with Additive Techniques
Chapter 4 Wet Bulk Micromachining
Chapter 5 Surface Micromachining
Chapter 6 LIGA and Micromolding
Chapter 7 A Comparison of Miniaturization Techniques: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Manufacturing
Chapter 8 Modeling, Brains, Packaging, Sample Preparation and New MEMS Materials
Chapter 9 Scaling, Actuators and Power in Miniaturized Systems
Chapter 10 Miniaturization Applications

Problem Sets - Continuously Updated

Chapter 1 Lithography (problem set)
Chapter 2 (problem set) (solutions)
Chapter 3 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 4 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 5 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 6 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 7 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 8 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 9 (problem sets) (solutions)
Chapter 10 (problem sets) (solutions)


Appendix A Metrology Techniques for MEMS
Appendix B Living Book
Appendix C Si and SiO2 Etch Rates in KOH
Appendix D Genetics
Appendix E Suggested Further Reading
Appendix F MEMS Companies
Appendix G Glossary