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Prepare for Nanotech 2007 Meetings

by siebo last modified April 03, 2009 - 17:00

Hey all, The Nanotech 2007 event is coming next week to Santa Clara. We should go as a group. Can you get us passes? ( provides news, community forums, lecture and interview information, one-click access to T&F’s nanoscience-related books and journals, and a detailed directory of some 1,000 leading scientists and institutions (with contact information to assist scientists reach out to their colleagues)

Our staff has posted your profile as part of our directory (include a link to their bio and/or book here) . Given the exciting nature of your work, we would like NanoScienceWorks to more prominent feature your work through an email interview and an article.

To make it easy and quick for you to participate, we have prepared an “email interview” list of questions that take less than 15 mins to complete. Once we receive your answers, we will compose an article for our “Featured Research” section of, and possibly include it in our e-newsletter, which is sent to about 40,000 nanoscience professionals.