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by siebo last modified October 22, 2006 - 17:10

Frequently Asked questions about using the NSW Portal

How do I become a member to gain full access to NanoScienceWorks?

Simply click on our Join link (in the Right column Fill-out the Registration Form with vital information and click on "Register" to send the form. Your information will be private, useable only by the NSW administrators After registering, you will receive a "welcome e-mail" (within 30 secs.) which provides you with links and instructions for accessing NSW's full library of resources. Once registered, simply go to the "log in" section of NSW, and you be asked only for your username and password.

How do I submit entries to NSW (research updates, profiles, institutions, Poster Sessions, etc)?

1. From the home page, go to the About tab (Top Left) and clock on "Post to the Site."
2. Click on the "add item" pull down menu from the options bar (downward arrow)
3. Select and click on the appropriate content type (document, program, project, etc.) NOTE: It helps to first make sure all the individuals and organizations associated with the resource you are entering have been added to the individuals and organizations listings. Then hit Refresh on your browser before clicking on the content type. This ensures that the drop down lists of individuals and organizations have the names of those you will need to enter.
4. Enter required information in as many of the pre-specified fields such as: title, abstract, purpose ?etc.
5. Make sure to click on the "Save" button at the bottom of each page after entering the information. Click on the next button to enter the next set of metadata fields and save each page as you go along.
6. When done, decide if you want to have the resource be public or private and then go to the button on the top right that says "state: public draft" and click private if you want to not let it be seen by others. We, though encourage you to allow all the resources you enter to become public as soon as possible.

How do I edit a document or a resource?

1. Navigate to resource.
2. If you have editing rights to the resource you will see tab called edit above the main  headling.  Click this tab to enter edit mode.
3. If you do not see the "edit" button then change its state from "published" to "retract" by clicking on the downward arrow of the "state" button (the last button on the options bar). Select and click on "retract".
4. Wait until the file downloads. Now, click on the edit button in the "options bar", edit it, and click on "save" button.

How can I change my password and/or e-mail address?

1. Log in by using your "Login Name" and "Password".
2. Click on the Preference button on the right side of the home page on the menu bar.
3. From the preferences page click on "personal preferences" hyperlink to change e-mail address. Fill out the Personal Preference fields with the required information and then click on "save" button at the bottom of the page.
4. From the preferences page click on "change password" hyperlink. Fill out the required information, and then click on "change password" button at the bottom of the page.

How do I go back to the Home Page from the Preferences Page?

1. Click on the "back arrow" (green left arrow) on the extreme upper left side of the preferences page, or,
2. Click on the "home" hyperlink (top left side of the page under the menu bar)

How do I delete an entire document?

1. Open the document
2. Click on the downward arrow of the "actions" tab in the "options bar".
3. From the "actions" pull-down menu options, select and click on "delete".

Will any another member of the digital library team be able to delete the information that I added or make changes in it?

By default, only you and the site administrators can edit the documents you have entered. The exception to this rule is wiki entries which can be edited freely by anyone.  To grant editing access to others click on the "sharing" tab above the main document heading.  On sharing page you can search for other users on the site by their username or e-mail address.  Grant them the 'Owner' role to give them editing rights.  Note that giving others the 'Owner' right does not mean that you are giving it up yourself.

I made changes in the document but those were not saved? What happened?

Make sure to click on the "save" button each time you make changes.

How can I search for a resource or a document in the NSW Portal?

Enter the key word/words relating to the document in the search box at the upper right, and then click on the "search" button next to it.  As you type in the search box you will see live results that appear after you type the third letter of your search term and update with every new letter that you type

Can I just copy an image from one source and paste it in a new document?

No, you cannot just copy and paste it. You need to save it first and then upload it.
1. Right click on an image and click on "save as" command from the pull-down menu.
2. Locate an appropriate folder in "my documents" folder or on the Desktop and save it to add to any document.

How do I add images/photos to a resource?

1. Click on the "browse" in the document when prompted to do so.
2. Locate the image in the appropriate folder where it was saved.
3. Select the image, click on the "open" button to insert it in the new document.
4. Make sure to write the URL of the site from where you copied the image and acknowledge the organization or person who is responsible for it (copyright information, etc.).
5. Make sure that you are not violating copyright laws of the image if and when applicable.

How can I adjust the size of an image and lessen its download time?

1. Open up the image in the image-editing program (Adobe Photoshop or a similar program), adjust the image size and save as a jpg.