Air Products and Chemicals

Air Products and Chemicals
Type Disciplines
Corporation Nanoparticles
Address Postal Code
7201 Hamilton Boulevard 18195-1501
City State / Province
Allentown Pennsylvania
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Web Phone
link 610-481-4911

"Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE: APD) is an international corporation whose principal business is selling gases and chemicals for industrial uses.

Air Products' headquarters is in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, in the United States. Air Products is the Lehigh Valley's third largest employer, after Lehigh Valley Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital.

Air Products was founded by the late Leonard P. Pool in 1940 in Detroit, Michigan, on the idea of the ""on-site"" concept of producing and selling industrial gases, primarily oxygen.

Air Products leased its first oxygen gas generator to a small Detroit steel company in 1941.Shortly after, a second order for a gaseous oxygen generator was received from the Norfolk Navy Yard.

The company's position in chemicals expanded with the 1969 acquisition of Escambia Chemical Corporation, a large chemical complex at Pensacola, Florida. Escambia manufactured industrial chemicals, such as amines and polyurethane intermediates, polyvinyl chloride resins, and fertilizers.

Business was further expanded in the '70s with acquisition of the chemicals and plastics business of Airco, InAir.

Products offers a series of ready-to-use nanoparticle dispersions of zinc oxide, indium tin oxide and antimony tin oxide tailored for the development of transparent, colorless coatings with fade-resistant, antistatic, conductive and heat-blocking properties. Derived from a patented technology, these dispersions are designed to remain stable when added to complex formulations. The end formulation has smaller particle sizes, requires less dispersant and ultimately achieves better coating performance.

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