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Akeena Solar
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16005 Los Gatos Blvd. 95032
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Los Angeles California
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link 888-253-3628

Akeena Solar, Inc. engages in the design, integration, installation, marketing, and sale of solar power systems for residential and small commercial customers in the United States. It principally focuses on the design and integration of grid-tied solar power systems, which are electrically connected to the utility grid so that excess energy produced during the day flows backwards through the utility's electric meter.

Akeena Solar is a proven leader in the design and integration of solar nanotechnology power systems for residential and commercial customers in California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our skilled team of trained engineers are also dedicated environmentalists who take pride in exceeding customer expectations and protecting the environment. They have been immersed in leading-edge solar nanotechnology since its inception—and our growing list of over 1200 satisfied customers underscores the successful outcome of our commitment to personal care and attention.

Akeena's Palm Springs office marks the solar innovator's seventh site in California, as the company continues to expand and invest in the state to meet the rapidly growing demand for solar power from both residential and commercial customers. The higher standard, premium product and superior service Akeena provides is parallel with Palm Springs spirit of high-design, advancement and modernism. In fact, Akeena recently launched a solar panel called Andalay which incorporates higher efficiency, increased reliability and innovative design.

On a national level, support for solar power continues to grow as Americans become more concerned about their sources of energy and more aware of environmentally friendly alternatives. With the right support, solar energy - America's most abundant renewable resource - is poised to provide an estimated 50 percent of all new electricity in the US within eight years. Akeena Solar continues to make advancements in solar nanotechnology and is working to bring solar to its rightful place at the forefront of alternative energy options.

Whitney Phaneuf, Antenna Group Public Relations, 415-977-1916, whitney@antennagroup.com

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