Authentix, Inc.

Authentix, Inc.
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Corporation Nanomedicine General
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4355 Excel Parkway, Suite 100 75001
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Addison Texas
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"Authentix uses nanoscale engineering to fight industrial counterfeiting and smuggling on behalf of brand-leading Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. Authentix solutions help safeguard patients from counterfeit medicines and ensure that excise tax revenues go to governments for their intended use - rather than to criminals. Authentix sees this practice of “doing social good” through business practices as a form of Social Capitalism.

Over the past four years, Authentix has helped its clients recover more than $4 billion in lost revenues in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.

The company provides product authentication technology to help detect and deter counterfeit or unauthorized products. It makes labels and authenticated packaging, authentication markers for use inside of products, and nanotechnologies for tracing and tracking products. Authentix sell its products to customers in a variety of industries, including health care, oil and gas production, and consumer goods manufacturing, as well as financial services providers and government agencies. The company was formed in 2003 through the merger of Biocode, Calyx, and Isotag.

Authentix Inc. has been awarded a Nano 50 award for their process utilizing nanoscale engineering to fight counterfeiting and diversion in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas, consumer, and agrochemical industries.

How does the process work?

A key part or our security solutions involve the incorporation of nanoscale markers into our clients products or their associated packaging. The other components of the solution include readers, sampling services, management of the data base that logs the occurrence of fraudulent or diverted products, and report generation summarizing the ongoing progress of the program.

Your nanoscale materials exhibit distinctive optical properties for covert marking applications. What do those materials do, and what's the advantage of working with nanomaterials?

By working with nanomaterials, we can exploit the unique optical properties that these materials exhibit as compared to their bulk counterparts. In addition, the nano sized taggants can be readily added into the full range of ink systems without altering the properties or performance of the ink.

Contact:  Phil Martin, Security Taggants, 469-737-4400,

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