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Bayer MaterialScience - Germany
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Bayer MaterialScience AG is one of the largest producers of polymers and high-performance plastics. Its innovative developments in coatings, adhesives, insulation materials and sealants, polycarbonates and polyurethanes significantly enhance the quality of our lives.

Bayer MaterialScience's parent company, the Bayer Group, may no longer get most of its money from chemicals and plastics but the unit's share isn't exactly immaterial. Though MaterialScience now ranks behind the health care division of the German conglomerate, with 120 sites throughout the world it still accounts for more than a third of Bayer's annual sales. MaterialScience makes raw materials for adhesives and coatings; it also manufactures plastics, films, and resins. Its products are marketed to the automotive, construction, footwear, sports, and textiles industries, among others.

Bayer Material Science, one of the world’s largest polymer manufacturers, currently has a pilot production plant for its BayTubes® with a capacity of 30 tons per year. The company plans to double its current capacity in the near term, and this will make Bayer MaterialScience one of the top 3 carbon nanotube producers. BayTubes® have multiple industry applications, from strengthening sports equipment (such as hockey sticks and baseball bats) to making the rotor blades for wind turbines lighter and thus more efficient. In addition to a Bayer Nanotechnlogy Work Group, the company is also actively involved in both public and private efforts within Germany on environmental and safety regulations of nanomaterials.

Carbon nanotubes, also known as CNT for short, offer great potential in the field of material sciences. Their market potential for the next few years is estimated at several thousand tons a year. Bayer MaterialScience AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNT in the form of Baytubes®. To drive forward the application development of Baytubes® on an industrial scale, the company is looking to set up strategic collaborations in the areas of business and research. Bayer MaterialScience recently won FutureCarbon GmbH as a cooperation partner for its Baytubes® activities. The Bayreuth-based high-tech company will use Baytubes® and graphite materials to manufacture aqueous nano dispersions using a new dispersion process for which a patent has been filed. “FutureCarbon is an innovative and flexible partner that will open up a very large and attractive market for high-tech nano dispersons,” explains Martin Schmid, head of global Baytubes® operations at Bayer MaterialScience. He also sees great opportunities for Baytubes® as additives for thermoplastics, rubber and polyols for polyurethanes and in the production of catalysts.

Bayer MaterialScience has entered into numerous collaborations with different companies with the aim of opening up new areas of application for Baytubes®. For example, many sports goods manufacturers use CNT as additives to improve the stiffness and strength of plastics. The range of applications stretches from surfboards and baseball bats right through to plastic sticks to protect the joints of cross-country skiers and Nordic walkers. One application that confirms the electrical conductivity of Baytubes® are the anti-static semi-finished products made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK). The semi-finished products are processed to create various machine parts, such as nozzles.

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