Birck Nanotechnology Center at Discovery Park - Purdue University

Birck Nanotechnology Center at Discovery Park - Purdue University
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Chemistry Electronics Engineering Nanobiology Nanofluidics Nanomanufacturing Nanomaterials Nanomedicine Nanoparticles Nanostructures Nanotubes Physics
Address Postal Code
1205 W State Street 47907
City State / Province
West Lafayette Indiana
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link 765.494.7053

The Birck Nanotechnology Center leverages advances in nanoscale science and engineering to create innovative nanotechnologies addressing societal challenges and opportunities in computing, communications, the environment, security, energy independence, and health.

A co-located multidisciplinary team is necessary to tackle a field as diverse and pervasive as nanotechnology. The Birck Nanotechnology Center has 145 faculty members from 36 campus units spanning science, engineering, agriculture, pharmacy and the liberal arts. Forty-five of these faculty members, about 200 graduate students and 30 technical and support staff members reside in the BNC building. Besides the informal and frequent interactions in the common spaces of the BNC, the community interacts through seminars, social events, working groups, and committees such as the Nanotechnology Student Advisory Council (NSAC). The BNC environment is also enriched by the presence of several externally funded research centers, including the NSF Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN), the Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing (INAC), and a new NIH Nanomedicine Center. BNC faculty and students are also active in K-12 education and public outreach as exemplified by the NSF Nanoscale Center for Learning and Teaching (NCLT).

Director: Timothy D. Sands;

Nano at Purdue
At Purdue University, researchers are investigating some of the most intriguing and significant problems: those in the emerging, highly interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology. For more than 15 years, Purdue has been active in defining the field and developing its key components. Encompassing research and technology development primarily in the length scale of about 1 to 100 nanometers (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter), nanotechnology is a field exploding with possibilities, and it’s a key signature area at Purdue. Here, research is under way within and across a host of disciplines — agriculture, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, and physics — with projects ranging from nanoelectronics and nanomanufacturing to public health.

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