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Case Scientific
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Corporation Chemistry Polymers
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125 Main Street 05452
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Essex Junction Vermont
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Your source for consultancy and contract research in computational chemistry, mesoscale modeling, polymer and surfactant science.

Founded in 2003 by Fiona and her husband, Martin Case. Case Scientific can provide property prediction and insight into materials behavior for your new product development. They can also help you to assess the potenial value of modeling methods for your organization, or to develop a justification for investment in this new technology. They are a partner in the Culgi Group and use software developed by this group (including a wide range of atomistic and mesoscale modeling methods).

Fiona regularly run workshops on Soft Nanotechnology and Self Assembly for the Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI). She is also interested in creating customized workshops focusing on specific applications areas (polymers, surfactants, a particular product type..), or specific techniques (for example, on the use of computer modeling and simulation).

Contact: Fiona Case, Owner,

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