Chemistry Innovation KTN, LGC Limited / Chemistry Innovation KTN, UK

Chemistry Innovation KTN, LGC Limited / Chemistry Innovation KTN, UK
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Corporation Chemistry
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The Heath WA7 4QX
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+44 (0)1928 513513
+44 (0)1928 515677

Chemistry Innovation is a publicly funded Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) set up in 2006 to drive innovation performance across the UK chemistry-using industries.

Cenamps, the North East Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems, has won the contract to manage the new Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

The network is to be funded by the government’s Technology Strategy Board, and will bring together over 700 companies and other organisations working in the nanotechnology field.

Knowledge Transfer Networks are collaborative projects bringing together government, industry and academia aimed at sharing expertise between the business and research sectors.

First established in 2005, today, there are over 20 different KTNs serving fields as diverse as Chemistry Innovation, Photonics, Aerospace and Defence, and Food Processing.

The new Nanotechnology KTN takes over the work of the Micro and Nanotechnologies (MNT) Network. The latter was set up in 2004 to promote British science and the commercialisation of research.

Contact:  Maureen Laughton, Operations Manager, +44-(0)-1928-515662

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