Cornell University - Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility

Cornell University - Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility
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Research Institution Chemistry Engineering Nanomaterials
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Ithaca New York
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link +16072544636

The Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF) is a national user facility that supports a broad range of nanoscale science and technology projects by providing state-of-the-art resources coupled with expert staff support.

2007 marks our 30th year in operation. Research at CNF encompasses physical sciences, engineering, and life sciences, and has a strong inter-disciplinary emphasis. Over 700 users per year (50% of whom come from outside Cornell) use the fabrication, synthesis, computation, characterization, and integration resources of CNF to build structures, devices, and systems from atomic to complex length-scales.

We investigate the physics and application of nanoscale photonic structures. In particular we are interested in light confining structures that can slow down, enhance and manipulate light. Photonic structures can enhance light-matter interaction by orders of magnitude, enabling the devices' optical properties to be controlled externally, either optically or electro-optically.

Contact: Eva Tardos, Department of Computer Science, 607-255-0984,

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