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Eastman Kodak Company
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Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) is an American multinational public company which produces photographic materials and equipment. Long known for its wide range of photographic film products, Kodak is focused on two major markets: digital photography, and digital printing.

Kodak’s Growing List of Nano-Commercial Success

Over the past year, Kodak has quietly assembled quite a list of nano-commercialization successes. In Feb 2007, Kodak debuted an ‘all-in-one printer’ which uses nanoparticulate pigmented inks and MEMS in its printheads, Johnston said. In May, Kodak launched a new business, dubbed Kodak Security Solutions, offering to secure applications with the company’s new “TRACELESS’ technologies that use submicron materials. And, just last month, Kodak unveiled a new color filter array technology that will improve digital image capture under low light conditions.

Into the future, Kodak researchers are optimistic that nano-related research will help Kodak’s OLED organic solid-state displays technology regain some important display market share (now dominated by LED and LCD). OLED displays comprise thin films of organic materials that emit light when stimulated with an electrical charge. Unlike conventional liquid crystal displays, OLED displays do not require a backlight.

It turns out, Kodak is good at a lot more than simply inks, papers, emulsions and imaging. Kodak has discovered it is also very good at lab-to-marketplace commercialization.

As a result, Kodak now has an impressive and growing portfolio of nano-related technologies focused in 3 key areas: Materials Science, Micro- and Nano-scale Devices, and Computational (Modeling) Sciences. The list includes:

* Atmospheric pressure thin-film deposition
* Additive patterning for semiconductors and electronic devices,
* Alternatives to nanomilling (i.e., self-assembled layers)
* Barrier layer technology
* Low-temperature dielectrics
* Novel light-emitting materials
* Transparent conductors (ITO alternatives)
* Novel semiconductor architectures
* Novel image output
* Microfluidics for printing
* Novel polymer and dispersion compositions
* Inkjet printing (colorants, materials, media, and processes)
* Electrophotography (materials, media, and processes)
* Micron and sub-micron resolution printing
* Novel digital capture
* Enhanced image sensors

Contact:  Jo Ann E. Gould, Esq., 585-781-5534, joann.gould@kodak.com

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