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Electric Power Research Institute
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The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research on issues of interest to the electric power industry in the USA. EPRI is an independent, nonprofit organization funded by the electric utility industry. Although EPRI is primarily a US organization, they have international participation. Their area of interest covers most aspects of electric power generation, delivery and use.

The Program on Technology Innovation (TI) spans all areas of the electricity industry, from power generation, delivery, and end use to health, safety, and the environment. Its portfolio is designed to foster, incubate, and advance innovations that support the technical and business objectives of EPRI's members and enable a future in which electricity plays an expanding role in meeting the world's growing needs for ample, affordable, reliable, secure, and clean supplies of energy. Access to results across the entire TI program is included in any EPRI membership purchase.

TI identifies and funds the collaborative R&D required to nurture and sustain EPRI's culture of innovation and to achieve the mid- and long-term objectives of EPRI's Technology Strategy. It is designed to complement the programs managed by EPRI's sectors, which generally address nearer-term technical and business objectives. TI adds balance and depth to EPRI's collaborative science and technology portfolio by

* Pursuing high-value, higher-risk targets of innovation
* Supporting basic and longer-term research in critical disciplines and emerging fields
* Advancing promising concepts through the early stages of pre-commercial development
* Encouraging cross-fertilization among key science and technology areas

Nanostructured Coatings
The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has announced a new research initiative to develop advanced metals with a special coating designed at the nano scale. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will work with NETL and with its partners Southwest Research Institute, Foster Wheeler North America Corp. and Applied Films.

David Alman, NETL research group lead, explained that under high magnification, metals can be seen to be composed of grains, which are crystal structures in different orientations. Where the metal grain crystals come up in different orientations, a grain boundary affects the metal's properties. Most metals have their grain structures on a micrometer level. Nano-scale materials are metals that have their microstructures on a nanometer scale and, consequently, they have some unique mechanical properties.

Contact:  Mark S. Duvall, Program Manager, 650-855-2591, mduvall@epri.com

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