Electronic Materials Research Institute (eMRI) - Northeastern University

Electronic Materials Research Institute (eMRI) - Northeastern University
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Engineering Nanomaterials Nanomedicine Fabrication Nanobiology
Address Postal Code
435 Egan Research Center, Northeastern University
Contact Information:
City State / Province
Boston Massachusetts
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Web Phone
link (617)373-2930

The Electronic Materials Research Institute at Northeastern University was founded in September, 2002, with a mission to synergize and catalyze inter-disciplinary research and educational activities in nanomaterials.

The Institute is the focal point for the University’s activities in nanoscience and materials research and education. The Institute goals are to:

* Become an international leader in the area of nanomaterials in the info-, nano- and bio-technologies, through the pursuit of multidisciplinary, collaborative research programs;
* Enhance interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate research and training in materials science and engineering at the B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. levels;
* Foster active collaboration and participation with industry and government laboratories in contract research and joint venture projects.

While eMRI is primarily a research unit within the University, the research effort has a synergistic interaction with the academic aims of the University. eMRI acts to enhance interdisciplinary academic offerings that bridge the primary disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering. The need for such an integrated education and research training is well recognized by federal agencies and by industry where there is a need for a workforce that is able to respond to trends in the fast-paced high tech environment.

eMRI’s thrust in nano-materials resonates well in the New England area, which has a wealth of industrial and government R&D entities active in this area. Institute members have already established collaborations and joint projects with several organizations.

Director: Professor Srinivas Sridhar

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