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Emerald Technology Ventures is a global leader in clean technology venture capital. Founded in 2000 under the name SAM Private Equity, Emerald is a pioneer in the rapidly emerging clean technology sector and is focused on innovative technologies in energy, materials and water.

Investment Philosophy
We are committed to helping energetic and passionate entrepreneurs build world-class clean technology companies. We ourselves are passionate about technology innovation but we also understand the need for business discipline to navigate the inevitable challenges facing a rapidly growing new business. We look for exceptional people with a worthy vision and we compliment their skills to build great companies.

At no other time in history has humankind had such a significant and escalating impact on the earth and the environment. Emerald invests in technology-driven companies developing solutions that optimize the use of natural resources while reducing environmental impact in ways that enhance economic value. We invest in early- and expansion-stage businesses, primarily in Europe and North America, in the following three key sectors:

The use of renewable and distributed energy sources continues to grow as developed markets liberalise and investment is encouraged by Governments as an important part of their carbon emissions reduction and security of supply policies. Developed economies no longer have the quantum of natural oil and gas resources that they have come to depend upon and demand continues to rise. Meeting these conflicting demands is an array of technological ideas and developments, a few of which will possess the strength to breakthrough into the mainstream energy market.

The necessity of more efficient use of limited resources, scalable production processes and overall efficiency gains require innovative technological solutions. New materials provide new opportunities enabling entirely new approaches to long standing problems as well as new challenges. Breakthrough material advances are seen in emerging companies in many sectors including industrial biotechnology, tiny-tech, structural composites, and sustainable catalysis.

Water & Nutrition
Global trends challenging the water sector include demographic changes (e.g. population growth and urbanization), a costly but ageing infrastructure in developed countries, liberalization of water and waste-water markets, climate changes and growing health awareness amongst the world population. This provides a fertile ground for innovative companies, which are able to deliver much-sought solutions.

An aging society, population growth, urbanization, and concerns about environmental quality in the food chain require ever-improving nutrition products, force certain industries to drastically change production methods while remaining competitive, and to invent new products which meet consumer preferences.

Contact: Isabelle Betschart, Fund Administrator & Controller, +41-44-269-61-00, isabelle.betschart@emerald-ventures.com

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