University of Arkansas-Nano Mechanics and Tribology Laboratory

University of Arkansas-Nano Mechanics and Tribology Laboratory
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Private University Physics Quantum Dots Nanostructures Nanomaterials
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Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Arkansas
City State / Province
Fayetteville AK
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link (479) 575-2000

The NMTL is interested in the materials of technological relevance, which include: Semiconductor bulk and nanomaterials, especially quantum dots, wires, and films. Applications include nanolasers, solar cells, single-electron transistors, nanomechanical devices, and DNA-sequence labeling.

The University of Arkansas-Nano Mechanics and Tribology Laboratory's current research projects are in the area of nano-surface-engineering for tribological and biomedical applications, with emphasis on fabrication and nanomechanical and tribological characterization.

Among NMTL's current and on-going research projects are:

• Nano-surface-engineering by Crystallization of Amorphous Silicon
• Nano-surface-engineering by Spin Coating of Colloidal Nanoparticles
• Nano-surface-engineering by Physical Vapor Deposition
• Nano-surface-engineering for Bacteria Attachment
• Nano-surface-engineering for Superhydrophobic Applications
• Nano/Micro Tribology of Nano-engineered Surfaces
• Nanomechanical Characterization of Nanostructures and Thin Films
• Fabrication and Characterization of Biomaterials

The research group has access to various facilities on the University of Arkansas campus. The facilities related to our research from Nanomechanics and Tribology Laboratory, Arkansas Analytical Lab, High Density Electronics Center (HiDEC), and Mechanical Engineering Educational Lab are listed below:
  • Nanoindenter with in-situ SPM imaging and high load capabilities
  • OCA 15 plus video-based optical contact angle measuring device
  • Materials Synthesizing and Processing Furnace
  • Digital Instruments Dimension 3000 AFM/SPM
  • Philips XL30 ESEM-FEGHitachi S-2300-I SEM with Kevex Mark III X-ray microanalysis (EDX)
  • Philips X'Pert x-ray diffractometer (XRD)
  • Kratos x-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS)
  • Nikon and Olympus microscopes
  • TekTek Surface Profiler
  • Tencor FLX-2320A thin film stress measurement system
  • Raman and micro-Raman Spectrometer with Coherent laser
  • Hughes ellipsometer
  • Inframetrics IR Thermacam PM180 thermal imaging system
  • Micro-hardness Tester
  • High Temperature Furnace (1700ºC)

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