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Carleton University
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Research Institution Nanoparticles Nanostructures Nanotubes Chemistry Engineering Fabrication Nanomaterials Composites
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1125 Colonel By Drive K1S 5B6
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link (613) 520-7400

Carleton University has various nanotechnology projects, including an award winning idea from a chemistry professor that has the potention to speed up the internet by 100 times through the use of light.

The research also has bearing on on smart "optical" clothing, network security monitors, personal bio-sensors for rapid medical diagnostics, and affordable high-efficient plastic solar cells.


Development of X-ray diffraction for applications to nanophase materials

This is a relatively new area for us in which, as a first step, we are developing algorithms and software programs to simulate the diffraction patterns arising from various model small particle systems having specified particle sizes and shapes, specified varying degrees of atomic positional disorder, specified varying degrees of defects, such as vacancies, specified thermal ellipses of the atoms, specified microstructures involving particle-particle correlations and specified cluster structures, based on various polymerization rules.

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