Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories
Type Disciplines
Government Lab Nanostructures Nanobiotechnology Electronics Chemistry Nanomaterials
Address Postal Code
1515 Eubank SE 87123
City State / Province
Albuquerque New Mexico
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Web Phone
link (505) 845-0011

Sandia National Labs' Physical, Chemical, & Nano Sciences Center provides new scientific knowledge in support of Sandia's mission areas: including weapons control and non-proliferation, environment, energy, critical infrastructure and national security solutions.

Nanoclustered catalysts could help destroy pollutants using the energy from sunlight. Of equal importance, Sandia's PCNSC performs long-term research in five technical thrusts: science-based solutions for NNSA mission needs, optical sciences, nanosciences, compound semiconductors, and collective hierarchical systems.
Other notable on-going nanotechnology projects at Sandia include: (a) Controlling the size of the nanoclusters to determine the ability of the catalyst to decompose pollutants; (b) Simple, efficient methods to organize molecules and molecular clusters into precise, pre-determined structures; and (c) Exploring how nanostructures can allow scientists to manipulate light in ways not previously possible.

A more complete list of current Sandia research for nanochemistry, nanomechanics, nano-optics and self-asseembly is available at

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