Lehigh University

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Private University Chemistry Electronics Nanomaterials
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Bethlehem Pennsylvania
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link 610.758.3000
(610) 758-3526

Our Mission - To identify, promote and engage in strategic areas of research and education in advanced materials and nanotechnology that meet the needs of industry, government and students through:

Pioneering Multi-Institutional Collaborative Nanotechnolgy Education:
Using Internet2 videoconferencing technology, Lehigh University is leading the way in web-based education by sharing collaborative, multi-institutional, graduate level education among members of the Materials Pennsylvania Coalition (MatPAC). The MatPAC, which was founded by Lehigh, was recently adopted at Nanotechnology 2002 as the model of education to expedite nanotechnology education across the state of Pennsylvania. It will serve as a model for collaborative nanotechnology education, research, and technology transfer among PA universities and colleges.

Research Areas:
  • Nanocharacterization
    -NanoStructural and Chemical Characterization
    -Electronics Nano-Characterization
    -Mechanical Nano-Characterization
  • Nanoparticles
  • Sustainable Nano
  • Advanced Ceramic Materials
  • Packaging
    -Packaging for Microelectronic and Optolelectronics
  • Nanofabrication
    -Thin Films MEMS/NEMS

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