University of South Florida Tampa (USF)

University of South Florida Tampa (USF)
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State University Nanomedicine Chemistry Engineering Nanomaterials Fabrication Nanotubes Nanostructures
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4202 E. Fowler Avenue 33620
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Tampa FL
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link (813) 974-2791

Research at the University of South Florida (Tampa) nano facility is The Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Research Center (NNRC), nicknamed the “Nano Tool Box.” NNRC contains a suite of state-of-the-art measurement instruments as offes access to fabrication equipment.

NNRC-supported programs have produced several nanotechnology patents in medical, chemical and engineering fields.


Research based on the exploitation of nanotechnology has become pervasive in the past five years. Researchers in physics, chemistry, biology, pharmacology, medicine, cancer diagnosis, and virtually all disciplines of engineering are making great strides in developing new devices, materials and processes based on nanotechnology. The challenge of conducting research in these diverse (and seemingly disparate) areas is to have the right instruments and prototyping equipment readily available to researchers as they move quickly across disciplinary lines. Meeting this challenge is the mission of NNRC.

Several patents are pending including nanowire and nanoparticle based sensors for real-time detection of gases and a carbon nanotube sensor for single small particle and molecule detection.

USF is on the road to becoming a “top 50 research institution.” USF has surpassed the $300 million mark in externally funded research dollars. Research grants and contracts for the fiscal year 2005-2006 total $310.2 million, representing a $22.9 million increase, or 8 percent, over the previous year.


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