University of Maryland -- College Park

University of Maryland -- College Park
Type Disciplines
Private University Engineering Nanomaterials
Address Postal Code
Kim Engineering Building 20742
City State / Province
College Park MD
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link 301-405-5018

Research in nanoscale science and engineering is unveiling new worlds of ideas and applications, as well as promoting advances in miniaturization.

The Maryland NanoCenter brings together cross-disciplinary groups of outstanding scientists and engineers to advance the frontiers of science and to develop nanotechnologies which improve our world.

In Recent News: 
  • Crabs help detect dangerous nano particles
  • NIST Awards Maryland Nanocenter $1.5M Nanotechnology Grant
  • State Approves $3.65 Million for NanoCenter
  • NanoCenter research members receive $500k NSF MRI award

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