Shinshu University

Shinshu University
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Educational and Reseach Institutions Nanomaterials Nanostructures
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Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science Technology
3-15-1, Tokida
City State / Province
Ueda City Nagano Prefecture
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link 0268-21-5300

Advanced fiber science and technology is the featured study at Shinshu University. The object of this group is the study for creation and application of nanofiber and nano-space based on organic materials, carbon materials, inorganic/organic hybrid materials, and metal oxides.

  • Development of Organo-Nanofibers and Their Applications (Gelation of Ionic Liquids by Low Molecular Weight Gelators and Their Characterization) (K. Hanabusa)
  • Development of Organo-Nanofibers and Their Applications (Inorganic Nanofiber Materials Using Low Molecular Weight Gelators) (Y. Yang)
  • Gelation of Solvents by Low Molecular Weight Gelators Based on L-lysine (M. Suzuki)
  • Creation of Nanofibers Composed of Self-Organizing Ru(II) Complex and Viologen (M. Suzuki)
  • Chemical Modification of Carbon Nano Materials and Their Application for Composite Materials (F. Okino)
  • Formation of Nano-Sized Space in Nanocarbon Materials and Their Application for Energy- Storage Devices (H. Touhara)
  • Development of Novel Synthesis Method for Carbon Nano Materials and in situ X-ray Measurement of Forming Process of New Functional Phase(S. Kawasaki)
  • Novel Organic and/or Inorganic Fiber Materials Based on New Concept of Catalyst (Y. Murakami)
  • Development of Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Device (Y. Takasu)
  • Development of Functional Layered Oxides by Utilizing its Interlayer Space (W. Sugimoto)
  • Morphological Control of Nano Particles by Using Polymers (T. Ishiwatari)
  • Rapid Synthesis and Characteristics of Functional Materials with Nano-Space by Microwave Heating (K. Ohta & T. Matsuse)

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