The Center for Nano Science and Technology - Notre Dame

The Center for Nano Science and Technology - Notre Dame
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Center for Nano Science and Technology
University of Notre Dame
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Notre Dame IN
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link (574) 631-6376
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The Center for Nano Science and Technology explores new device concepts and associated architectures that are enabled by novel phenomena on the nanometer scale. The Center catalyzes multidisciplinary research and education in nanoelectronics, molecular electronics, nano-bio and bio-fluidic microstructures, circuits, and architectures.

The center facilitates collaborations between participating faculty from the departments of electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry, and physics.

Wolfgang Porod, Professor of Electrical Engineering, (574) 631-6376
Associate Director:
Alan C. Seabaugh, Professor of Electrical Engineering, (574) 631-4473

The center integrates six research thrusts in molecular based nanostructures, semiconductor-based nanostructures, device concepts and modeling, nanofabrication characterization, image and information processing, and functional systems design to address common application goals. The six thrusts comprise a multidisciplinary mix of researchers from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics, and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

The center has excellent on-site research facilities and capabilities including nanolithography and scanning tunneling microscopy; nanodevice and circuit fabrication; nano-optical characterization including femtosecond optics and near-field scanning optical microscopy;electrical characterization at helium temperatures and in ten tesla magnetic fields; fifty gigahertz high-speed circuit analysis; and device and circuit simulation and modeling.

Research Facilities include:
-The Notre Dame Nanofabrication Facility
-The Optoelectronics Laboratory
-The Cryogenic Characterization Laboratory
-The Nano-Optics Laboratory
-The High-Speed Circuits and Devices Laboratory
-The Device Simulation Laboratory

Current Activities
The center engages in a variety of research initiatives in nanoscience and electronics, such as quantum cellular automata and architectures; resonant-tunneling devices and circuits; photonic integrated circuits; quantum transport and hot carrier effects in nanodevices; optical and high-speed nano-based materials, devices, and circuits.

In the future, the Center will spearhead several new directions including the interaction of biological systems with semiconductors, and the role of non-equilibrium thermodynamics in influencing the properties of nanodevices.

A major emphasis of the center is the concept of computing with Quantum-dot Cellular Automata, which is based on encoding binary information through the charge configuration of quantum-dot cells; the QCA notion has spurned further studies into nano-based cellular architectures for information processing which embeds hierarchical functional design.

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