University of Tulsa - Novel Materials Group

University of Tulsa - Novel Materials Group
Type Disciplines
State University Chemistry Fabrication Engineering Nanostructures Nanotubes Modeling Physics
Address Postal Code
600 South College 74104
City State / Province
Tulsa OK
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link (918) 631-2000

The Novel Materials research group at the University of Tulsa is under the department of Physics and Engineering Physics.

The group is currently involved in the deposition and characterization of photovoltaic thin films, carbon nanotubes, synthesis & reduction of nano size metal oxides and mathematical modeling for the most efficient solar cell applications.

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) is used for deposition of thin films whereas PECVD and Hot wire CVD (HWCVD) are used for the deposition of Carbon Nanotubes. The mathematical modeling is done using AMPS 1-D software.

  • PECVD Reactor for Carbon NanoTubes
  • VPECVD Reactor for Thin Films Growth
  • Hotwire CVD for NanoTubes

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