Florida State University (FSU)

Florida State University (FSU)
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State University Chemistry Physics
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Tallahassee FL
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link (850) 644-2525

Modern chemistry is evolving rapidly on many fronts, aided by impressive technologies for the preparation, isolation, detection and characterization of materials as simple as a few atoms to those as complex as condensed materials.

Materials chemistry represents a highly interdisciplinary program in the development, characterization and applications of new materials. Research in this area is both interdivisional and interdepartmental with projects taking place between chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, engineering, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and the Materials Research and Technology Center (MARTECH).

Research includes nanoscience and technology, biomaterials, magnetism, information storage, solid-state chemistry, polymer chemistry and surface science. New technologies ranging from information storage to finding agents active against a particular disease are dependent on the abilities to design, prepare, and characterize new materials.

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