Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University
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Educational and Reseach Institutions Engineering Nanomedicine Nanobiology Nanostructures
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Nano Science and Nano Technology Project
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Tel Aviv
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link 972-3-6405711

Tel Aviv University has established the TAU Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology TAU-NST. The TAU-NST Center encompasses activities coordinated with four faculties: Exact Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences and Medicine.

The central facility of the University Research Institute for NanoScience and NanoTechnology is currently under constructions. Encompassing about 1300 sq. meters, the facility will include a nanofabrication facility and support labs. The newly designed facility and state of the art equipment will allow realization and general characterization of nano-structures.

  • This facility will consist of several laboratories with the following functions:
  • Lithography - optical, holographic, electron beam writing
  • Semiconductor nanostructures growth and deposition
  • Thin film dielectrics and metal deposition
  • Dry and wet chemical etching
  • Electron microscopy - high resolution and environmental scanning electron microscopes
  • Atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Molecular biology fabrication laboratory

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