University of California Davis

University of California Davis
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State University Chemistry Composites Nanostructures Nanomaterials Nanoparticles
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One Shields Avenue 95616
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Davis CA
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link (530) 752-1011

Integrated NanoDevices and Systems Research focuses on nanotechnology projects at the University of California Davis. This group is led by M. Saif Islam, Assistant Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering.

"Our group's main interests are in the areas of incorporation of low-dimensional nanostructures and functional devices with conventional IC elements, employing processes compatible with mass-manufacturing," the professor says.

  • Molecular Scale Switching Junction
  • Nanowire Based Devices and Systems
  • Negative Index Materials
  • Wideband Photonic Devices
  • Metal and alloyed nanoparticles


  • High-Speed RF-Photonic Modulators
  • Micro/Nanophotonic Device Fabrication and Integration
  • Advanced Electronics and Router Systems
  • Intelligent Router Systems
  • Nanophotonics/Microphotonics Design
  • Multi-Channel Optoelectronic Packaging
  • Ultrafast Semiconductor Laser Design and Testing

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