University of Rochester

University of Rochester
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Private University Chemistry Nanotubes Nanomaterials Physics
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Box 270216 14627
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Rochester NY
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link (585) 275-5093

Nanoscale Materials and Devices are the focus of the University of Rochester's Department of Chemistry team called The Krauss Group.

Current investigations are focused on fundamental studies of carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanocrystals, and the integration of these materials into both novel photonic devices and biological sensors. These studies are highly interdisciplinary, and lie at the interface between chemistry, physics, applied physics, and materials science.


The eventual goal of the Krauss Group is to build both integrated optical devices and biological sensors using nanomaterials as building blocks.

Carbon nanotubes surprisingly can be either metallic or semiconducting, depending on the diameter and helicity of the carbon lattice. Researchers are concerned with determining the fundamental electronic and optical characteristics of individual carbon nanotubes. These investigations are carried out using atomic force microscopic in conjunction with optical spectroscopic methods.

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