Institute for Systems Biology - Seattle, Washington

Institute for Systems Biology - Seattle, Washington
Type Disciplines
Research Institution Nanofluidics Nanomaterials Nanomedicine Nanostructures Nanobiology Fabrication
Address Postal Code
1441 N. 34th Street 98103-8904
City State / Province
Seattle WA
E-mail Country
Web Phone
link (206) 732-1200
(206) 732-1299

The Institute for Systems Biology is in Seattle, WA. Nanomechanical and nanoelectronic devices are emerging as highly sensitive, label-free and real-time detectors of genes, mRNAs, and proteins.

Nanofabrication methods toward constructing large libraries of these devices, and integrating nanotechnologies with elastomer microfluidics are moving forward.

The institute will develop miniaturized and automated microfluidics/nanotech platforms that allow multiparameter measurements of many biomarkers in blood. Such devices will not only enable early cancer diagnosis with high sensitivity and specificity, but also enable personalized medicine with disease stratification, and treatment response monitoring.

The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is a non-profit research institute dedicated to the study and application of systems biology. Since its establishment in Seattle in 2000 the Institute's staff has grown to more than 170 members.

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