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Private University Engineering
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305D Teer Engineering Building 27708
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Durham NC
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link (919) 660-5389

The Pratt School of Engineering has four strategic initiatives in the areas of bioengineering, materials, photonics, and environmental engineering. These four initiatives span our four departments of biomedical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and mechanical engineering and materials science.

Due to the crossdisciplinary nature of the research, faculty from departments in Pratt as well as faculty the Trinity College of Arts and Science and the School of Medicine play a significant role in our research initiatives, which are an integrated part of the Duke's strategic plan for the Sciences and Engineering.

Bioengineering Initiative
  • nanotherapeutics
Environmental Engineering Initiative
  • nanomaterials and the environment

Materials Initiative
  • bio-nano-manufacturing
  • nanomechanics

Photonics Initiative
  • nano and micro systems
  • quantum information
  • nanophotonics
  • novel spectroscopies
  • systems modeling


Self-assembled DNA templates. This DNA lattice with a 20 nm period is self-assembled in solution.
We also metallize DNA for electrical transport measurements.
1. DNA-Templated Self-Assembly of Protein Arrays and Highly Conductive Nanowires.
2. Optimized fabrication and electrical analysis of silver nanowires templated on DNA molecules.
3. Electronic nanostructures templated on self-assembled DNA scaffolds.

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