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The University of Sunderland and four other universities in the north east of England work very closely with the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems (CENAMPS). Course study and research in nanotechnology, micro and photonic systems and medical breakthroughs is carried out in conjunction with CENAMPS. The other four schools participating are Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, and Teesside universities.

The north east of England has notable academic and commercial strengths in nanotechnology, micro and photonic systems. The region  is also home to a large number of established and growing manufacturers for polymer materials and microsystems. Commercially focused university departments can offer new technologies and know-how that can be adopted by regional businesses to strengthen their competitive edge.

Drug Design and Analysis
One research study by the University of Sunderland involves monitoring pharmaceutical agents, including nano-separations systems based on microfluidics systems coupled to bioreceptors, and biosensor systems based on antibodies and enzymes immobilized on micro- and nanoparticles (funded by CENAMPS).

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