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Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Research Institution Composites Nanomaterials Fabrication Nanobiology Electronics Quantum Dots Nanostructures
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he Harvey M. Krueger Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
The Edmond Safra Campus
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link 972-2-6585355

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has established the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in response to the inestimable importance of this exciting new field of research.

The Center, which will operate within the Faculty of Science, will create the necessary conditions for the flow of knowledge, expertise and research means between researchers from different disciplines, and provide the infrastructure to support this fascinating field of research at the frontier of science.

The establishment of the multidisciplinary Center will create a dynamic teaching and research atmosphere that will promote interaction and synergies among the different groups of scientists working in the field. The center will attract researchers from such diverse fields of research in the Faculty of Science as chemistry, physics, applied sciences and life sciences, as well as from the School of Computer Science and Engineering. This vibrant environment will attract world-renowned nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers. The Center will include units that will give researchers access to advanced scientific equipment for characterization and preparation of models.

In the initial phase - the unit for nanoscopic characterization has already been set up. This unit includes advanced equipment for electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, X-ray characterization, and advanced chemical analysis of materials. The unit provides the "eyes" that researchers need to characterize and identify the nanometric structures they have created.

In the second phase construction is planned for a unit for nanofabrication, a 'nano-work shop' for preparation of nanometric structures. In this unit, the researchers will be able to prepare electrodes and various devices that will enable the integration of nanometric objects and systems with the macroscopic world. This stage is essential for application of research results in the real world.

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