US Naval Research Laboratory

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Government Lab Chemistry Physics Nanomaterials Nanotubes
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4555 Overlook Ave., SW 20375
City State / Province
Washington D.C.
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link 202-767-3200

The Navy's corporate laboratory, NRL (Washington, D.C.) conducts a broadly-based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development. One focus is nanotechnology to detect and monitor illicit substances. Another centers on development of devices for the "post shrink" silicon era.

Next Generation Sensor Materials

Goal of project: Design polymeric and nanostructured materials to maximize the selectivity & sensitivity of detectors used to monitor illicit substances.

Nanoelectronics Physics Research

The process of silicon device shrink is expected to continue for at least the next decade. However, it is expected that there will be a breakdown in the underlying physical mechanisms once critical feature sizes of ~50 nm are reached (projected for volume manufacturing in about 2012). There is some urgency to the need to formulate and demonstrate new classes of devices based on the physics of the nanometer size regime for future integrated electronics. Nanoelectronics research has explored a number of physical phenomena that could be envisioned for a "post shrink" device technology.

Nanochemical Resonators and Advanced Nanodynamics

The overall goals of the proposed research are: to advance, in a radical and pervasive way, the science of nano scale dynamics, and to employ this new science in creating a wholly new nanomechanical device technology.

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